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 For the benefit of mankind             For the benefit of mankind

The Nintendo wii u copies from TheRedneckTechie? - 

Do those mii's in the video look like me and Johnny Lee or what ?    Articles


Project Tuatara Enter 'infinite reality' ok.  Hey Microvision ,  How about something like this?

  Go for this

My 1 minute drawing can lead to a future division of some corporation.  Have you heard of a GunBrella               

Well there it is -  the iPhone GameGun. 

Well there it is -  the iPhone GameGun.

                              GUN Show




Separate Gun and Head Tracking. - Separate Head Torso movement  - Run one way while looking and shooting in another. 

My mini HMD and Firearm tracking both axis, Gun and POV.  ( Point of View )  Had 3 back outs and several apologies and I can't get anyone excited..

Contact:       "The Candy That Can." come on Nintendo lets do the READYWARE thing and make that Wii GUI the center of everything.